Welcome to my adventure trekking blog, TrekwithNazir – an archive of 12 years of trekking experiences, narratives of visit to exotic remote locations & adventure chronicles to get you inspired and explore the mountains on your own.

I am from Mumbai, India and my story began in 2000 when by chance I was pulled by friends on a trek to Bhimashankar, in Maharashtra, on the pretext of going for a picnic which actually was a trek which we did over 2 days.

This trek sowed the seeds of adventure and trekking in me, which remained dormant for few years till 2007 when I trekked first time in Ladakh, India. Since then I have trekked regularly in the Himalayas and closer home in the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra.

I am sharing all my experiences in this blog to encourage understanding and inspire you to do the same no matter where you’re from.

Join me as I share entertaining stories, beautiful images, videos and useful trek tips with you from my experiences.