Best Chadar Trek Organizers

I did Chadar Trek in January 2018.

Before the actual trek began, I was staying in a guest house in Leh for 2 days to acclimatize for high altitude and cold weather. Our guest house was packed with trekkers who had come for the Chadar trek. I happen to meet and talk to few other trekkers who had booked their trek with different trek companies.

I wanted to know which trek company had the maximum bookings, so that I could get an idea as which is the best chadar trek organizer in India by numbers.

Most of them had booked their trek online with various well know trek companies like Trek the Himalayas, Adventure Nation, Crazy peaks, Thrillophilia etc.

But surprisingly, none of these trekking companies’ representatives had come to meet them. When they enquired further they came to know that these companies don’t conduct their own trek. In fact, they outsourced it to a local organization in Leh.

There was a big communication gap between the other trekkers and their trekking companies. One of the trekker didn’t get the name of the guesthouse till he landed there. Stay for 2 days in Leh is included in the package and all trekkers normally stay together in the same guesthouse. He was given the number of a local person and his phone was unreachable. So he himself had to arrange stay at a guest house for the first day.

So do your research well before going ahead for Chadar trek.

Fortunately, I had booked my trek directly with the local organizer – Altitude Adventure India , whom I know since 11 years. Shockingly, other trekkers from Trek the Himalayas, Adventure nation etc were also to be taken for Chadar Trek by this same organizer.

In my opinion, they are one of the best Chadar trek organizers and most experienced local trek organizers in Leh, Ladakh. They have an office in Leh at Fort Road and now have a booking office in Mumbai as well. They had excellent trekking services like support staff, guides, cook, food, tents and sleeping bags. Even in the extreme cold at night I felt warm in their sleeping bags and tent. Early morning the staff would be ready before I woke up and make tea available to me inside the tent. They provided experienced and adequate guides for each group. They had 2 groups of 15 each going on the same day but with different support staff, guides and trek leads for each group. Trekking on the chadar includes walking not only on the slipper icy sections but sometimes also on tricky rock-climb. I must say that the guidance and support of their experienced trek-lead was really useful and I really felt safe with the support staff during the trek.

The entire trek conducted by them was awesome.

If you want to know more of their Chadar Trek Packages and tchadr trek tips  click here.


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