Is Trekking with Indiahikes advisable?

I have done four treks ( Brahmatal, Kuari Pass, Tarsar Marsar & Hampta Pass) with Indiahikes and i found very few reasons for NOT going on a trek with them.

Before India hikes, I would form a group with few trek friends get hold of a local agency which organizes guide, porters, cook, tents etc and build a suitable itinerary based on our ability and past experience in Himalayan treks. But you need to have prior experience in trekking and a reliable local contact to go for such kind of arrangements.

When India hikes became popular, I wanted to try out their services and so I did my Brahmatal trek with them.

This is what I found out about them.

They are good at the price point they are offering their treks. I found their treks to be well organized in terms of food, camping facility and staff. They have good preventive measures for your Altitude Sickness as this is a major worry especially on high altitude treks. They have a system where they give a health card for every participant during the trek. They take readings of the oxygen levels for each trekker using an oxymeter twice a day in the morning and evening and these readings are maintained in the health card. Those who have lower than ideal readings are given special instructions to drink water regularly if they haven’t been doing it . Their blood pressure is also checked and if it is abnormal they are advised not to continue the trek especially if they will gaining more altitude during the day.

I found their food quality to be consistent in all treks though i did different treks in different regions. They have an on going training program for all their staff including cooks , guides and trek leaders.

Their camp sites are usually very clean and well maintained if they have fixed camp sites.

I found their prices to be reasonable for the quality they are offering.

The only put off is the batch size which is up-to 25 people in a group, which can go up to 26 or 27 too.

They insist on certain preparedness before the trek and ask you to mail the proof once we report to base camp. But it is not checked seriously.

They have multiple batches for each trek and you will find more options to suit your travel plan. Chances of cancellation of batch is very less due to low turnout as they are very popular and have adequate bookings in each batch.

In my opinion, there are more reasons to go on trek with Indiahikes than not going.

If you are looking for options other than India Hikes than you can check out Altitude Adventure India, especially for Ladakh & Kashmir treks.


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